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how come on baby you know im sick fuck

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So I say no problem Ill come in. Now lemme tell you this kind of illness is no joke you basically cant breath youre sweating constantly and coughing non stop it makes it look like youre suffering from the black plague. So I get to the store go to the manager and say look Im really sick are you sure you want me to do this, he still thinks I

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and youre my baby. Holla if you hear me Oooooh oooh oooh You can understand that my love is pain And how I feel in vain is just a women thang Its a mans world but I understand But theres still nothin different boy, stick to the plan You be my down ass with your round ass I know Im feeling you Like you feeling me The way your wantin my body

I am a sick fuck Im addicted to CP, I used to

"I got love sick after knowing you, i just cant get enough of you. All i want is you, you controlled my mind, youre the only person i think" Yoongi whispered, hands gently stroking Jimins hair. "I always want you to be in my embrace" "I want you to look at me only, be with me, and love me" "I dont know when its started, but god bless.

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how come on baby you know im sick fuck

"Where the fuck are you going now y/n!" Alycia yelled and you sighed. "Work" "Oh fuck youre so stubborn y/n, youre a pain in the ass, come back here now" She demanded, you groaned and throw the clothes on the floor as you walked to the bed. "Baby im sorrry but you know i have to work to make money and all" You said.

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Cause Im so sick and tired Of shitting on everybody else I try to tell you like Im sayin somethin Im from the Dirty like the bottom of my pants cuff And now nothing gonna stop me So just envy it Hey, Ill accept a friendly quit, haha Yea Im me, Im me, bitch Im me Baby Im me, so who you? Fuck you, youre not me, hah And I know that ain

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John McClane: Fuck being a hero. You know what you get for being a hero? Nothin. You get shot at. You get a little pat on the back, blah blah blah, attaboy. You get divorced. Your wife cant remember your last name. Your kids dont want to talk to you. You get to eat a lot of meals by yourself.

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how come on baby you know im sick fuck

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Remy on deck, you know Say im home sick State bus on my way down, another jail another group of clowns Look out the window all I see is trees, where the fuck Im at Got me doin a whole 5 for a fuckin strap Meanwhile I got a charge pendant, and they tryna give me a life sentence I pray to God and ask for forgiveness, bases loaded its the 9th inning Like yeah, lets get the homie home Free the

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how come on baby you know im sick fuck

mad at yourself cause you know you shouldnt be given up [Skinny Deville] Im tired and sick of bummin rides on top of that my nine to five sucks for a couple bucks and change now whats the reason why my luck dont amount to fuck no matter how hard I try Im stuck in the 22 now catch me when Im sick and tired [Chorus] [Ron Clutch (R. Prophit)]