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Russian woman can open shirt by flexing boobs | Daily Mail
Disturbing video footage from Spain shows the bull knocking the woman down in the middle of a fight before lying on top of her and thrusting. Shrieks of horror can be heard from the crowd.

10 signals women send when they find a man attractive
Imagine sitting in the backseat of your moms car with your siblings when another car carrying a pack of dudes pulls up and asks your mom to flash her boobs at them. Now, imagine she actually

I Went Commando For A Week To See What Would Happen To …
Relationship expert Tracey Cox reveals the 10 subconscious signals a woman gives if she is attracted to a man, from raising her eyebrows to flashing her wrists.

Why I’m happy for my daughters to wear revealing dresses
A woman with 34J breasts has displayed an unusual talent - popping her shirt open by flexing her boobs. Samanta Lily, 27, from Russia, showed off the bizarre skill in a video in which she opens a