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Jenny Owen Youngs - Fuck Was I Lyrics. Love grows in me like a tumour A parasite bent on devouring its host Im developing my sense of humour Till I can laugh at my heart between

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Rodney Copperbottom got the chance of a lifetime: he got accepted into Motherboard Centennial Academy. An elite school for inventors and people with great talents. It is also a place where robots test their limits while living an average school life. As hes getting adjusted, Jenny Wakeman crosses his path.

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Little bit of Information if you want to know me Real Name: no. never ever in my life. Country: UAE (United Arab Emirates) Favourite Color: Red My Discord: im sorry but i no longer have discord. My Real Age: Fuck no My Information: still no Birthday: July 4th (thats why i have this american roblox pfp XD) I am a Nice guy so please dont do anything to piss me off.

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